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At POPs, we take childhood seriously. We know kids only get to be children once, and we want it to be a great experience for them and their parents. Our mission is to help every child achieve his potential, while enjoying the process of getting there. Whether it’s a motor, language, behavior or regulation challenge, we will partner with you and your child to help you establish and your goals.

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“My son was struggling with behavior that reflected his frustration due  to his challenges with expressive language. Elana was able to engage my son by meeting him at the point that he was ready to connect,  drawing him towards his goals. Elana is a very skilled clinician with a clear understanding of the areas of challenge that need to be addressed. She is flexible and creative and makes therapy fun.”


“Dinah Leiter’s passion for working with children, adolescents and teens comes through in every aspect of her program. Her staff make you feel like family when you enter the doors. The soothing and peaceful environment puts kids at ease immediately. She embraces the entire family in her treatment and empowers those she works with to believe in themselves and their capabilities.”


“Karen is absolutely the most fabulous therapist! I feel really lucky that she’s worked with my son for over 3 years! She is skilled, experienced, and so knowledgeable on everything related to PT. My son loves the sessions with her and I continue to see amazing progress. I couldn’t ask for a better therapist.”